How to Ensure Your Next Boating Excursion is as Safe as Possible

boatsAlthough you could have countless hours of incredible fun out on your boat today, the hard work goes in the preparation behind the scenes to make certain everything goes smoothly out miles from shore. Take a look at the following tips and commit them to memory, they could make all the difference the next time you take the boat out for the day.

Here is a checklist of the top boating safety tips compiled by boat enthusiasts around the region.

Always have enough in the way of life jackets and flotation devices on board. never leave the docks unless every person including yourself has a vest. It only takes a few seconds for things to go wrong and the boat to be underwater. That life jacket could be the only thing that can safe you and your guests.

Take some extra time and let someone who is not going with you on the boat know where you plan to be traveling for the day. It can be a matter of life and death if you get stranded in a storm and rescue crews need to map out a plan of attack without knowing where you could be. If they have a clue, they can zero in on that area sooner and get your boat and passengers to safety.

Always fuel the boats before you leave for your journey and know exactly where several fueling stations are along your route. Just in case one station is closed or out of fuel, knowing where the next station is could be a life saver. The last thing you need is running out of fuel as a dangerous storm approaches.

Check to see if your radio is in working order before you leave for the day. It’s always a good idea to have your cell phone charged and maybe a satellite emergency radio on board. Flares are especially helpful for signalling other boats when you are in trouble out at sea.

If you have not taken a boating safety course yet, now would be an excellent time to sign up and participate. Your responsible for every passenger on the boat, and when you are miles out sea that only compounds the problem if things go wrong. These classes are designed to make you familiar with all possibilities and the best way to get things resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

There you go, these safety tips should help you have the best possible time on your boat and come back safe with memories to last a lifetime.

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